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I am breathing a big sigh of relief today. Election day is finally here, and we can all move on from the political poop storm. Do you agree with me that Facebook makes election season so much more obnoxious? All the opinions you never wanted to know your friends held are there for your eyes to feast upon. Good times.

Marginally funny story from my voting day:

My voting line was divided into A-L and M-Z. The A-L line was long and slow, and next to no one was in the M-Z line. As one particular couple walked past our ginormous line, the wife said to us, "Sorry guys, I'm White." Her husband, realizing how that sounded, clarified. "She means she's the letter W." Don't worry guys, she wasn't announcing to strangers that she has white guilt, lol.

And then there was a guy behind me trying to keep his three rowdy kids in check while we waited. He was evidently a Democrat with a chip on his shoulder as I kept hearing him say to his kids, "I'm a democrat. Are you gonna vote democrat when you grow up? Everyone in this line is going to cancel my vote, but that's America for ya." Feeling passive aggressive much? I know it sucks to be Democrat in a red state, but dude, don't use your children to monologue about it in the voting line as if the rest of us can't hear you. Be cool.

A bit later, this man's son hit his sister who started to cry, and my three year old who apparently was watching this indignity, shoved the son out of nowhere. Bored children have their own politics to grapple with.

Even though I reprimanded him and apologized to angsty democrat man, I couldn't help but inwardly smirk. My little dude is fearless and feisty and stands up for the oppressed! Future president material right there. ;)

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Name: Greg Bramwell (336 weeks, 6 days ago)
Not with that hair he won't be, long curly celestial hair... psh!
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