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Spring Rituals

Recently while Greg and I were working in the garden, prepping for spring, he mentioned that maybe yard work could be our Sunday activity. A little church time of our own making. I could not love that idea more. There is something meditative and satisfying about nurturing life. Feeling connected to the cycles of the season, encouraging bloom and growth. It's a communion all its own. I believe we can create our own rituals that edify us spiritually. We don't need "official" sources. Do what makes you bloom.

Here's a poem I love.

Catechism for a Witch's Child

When they ask to see your gods
your book of prayers
show them lines
drawn delicately with veins
on the underside of a bird's wing
tell them you believe
in giant sycamores mottled
and stark against a winter sky
and in nights so frozen
stars crack open spilling
streams of molten ice to earth
and tell them how you drink
a holy wine of honeysuckle
on a warm spring day
and of the softness
of your mother who never taught you
death was life's reward
but who believed in the earth
and the sun
and a million, million light years
of being

1986 J.L.Stanley

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Name: Heretic Homemaker (367 weeks, 3 days ago)
What a lovely poem. And BTW, if you run out of worship space in your yard, feel free to come and use mine. It is desperate for attention. ;)
Name: Katrina (367 weeks, 3 days ago) redheadmusings.blogspot.com
Love the poem.
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