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Rain is for Romance

Maybe it's a side effect of living in the desert that I adore a good rain storm. I love waking up to it in the morning, like I did today. It makes me want to write romance.

Best romantic scene in book or film. So perfect.

And I got to thinking as I was driving Jack to school how I've always loved romance. Books without any romance bore me. Writing without romance feels unnatural to me, and most of my writing has been romance driven. But as a feminist, I can't help but be a little bit ashamed of that. Can I be a hopeless romantic writer and a feminist at the same time?

Where's cat?

When I was growing up, falling in love seemed like the pinnacle of life experience. And then it happened, and I was sort of like, ok, now what? It's quickly apparent that there is a lot more to life than the dude by your side. Sure, he's very important, but he is not the whole of your story either. Your story doesn't end at "I do" like it does in a Disney princess movie. And I hope I can write romance without selling my female characters short on the wholeness of their personhood.

But even as I have had to learn the hard way that a woman's story will be so much more than the man she falls for, I still adore a good romance. A good one can still give me butterflies, or those bittersweet heart pangs.

I'm listening to this rain outside my window and thinking of all the dramatic, tension filled scenes I've ever seen in a movie that involved rain. I had lots more songs and pictures I could've used to illustrate this point. (I left out a shirtless Jacob in the rain, sorry.) Wet weather is an easy way to add drama to any scene. It is cliché and over used, but I don't even care, because I love it. I want to write romance today. Stormy eyes that match stormy weather. Dramatic statements punctuated by lightening. Kisses that are rain wet. Broken hearts under the deluge. Mmmmm, yummy.

Forgive me, feminism. But the rain just feels so good.

I'm not crying, it's just been raining on my face.

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Name: Heather (364 weeks, 6 days ago) http:gofita.blogspot.com
I wrote the awesomest comment ever but it got erased...sigh. You're awesome. Feminists fall in love and have romance too ;) And you make me nostalgic for writing even though I dont' write...
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