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My Mother the Goddess

The Earth is often given a female pronoun. She sustains us. Take care of her. Mother Earth. We are intimately acquainted with earth; the beauty of it along with the ugly, gritty parts.

Conversely, God is broadly seen as being male. The man in the sky. Our Heavenly Father. He is God of the Universe, all powerful and mysterious. What we don't understand is so much easier to mystify and aggrandize. And it goes without saying that religion, which seeks to define an other worldly divine, has been dominated by men.

But think of astronauts who upon looking down at Earth for the first time are moved to reverence by seeing our planet from a distance. From that perspective, a "Mother Earth" isn't less than a "Man in the Sky", because she is part of that "sky". She is another bit of wonder within the universe, a miracle as much as anything else. It's only our being so close to her that has caused us to take her for granted.

It's all perspective. My feelings about bearing and raising children became more positive once I completely swept the patriarchy cob-webs from my mind. Every patriarchy loves motherhood, but they value it to the point of excluding women's other strengths and individual desires. Under that paradigm, my view of motherhood was tainted. I needed a change of perspective.

More perspective came when I had my own children and realized what my Mother did for me.

When I threw up several times a day during pregnancy; my mother did this.
When I woke in the night just to make sure my baby was breathing; my mother did this.
When I gained lots of weight, got stretch marks all over my previously perfect skin; my mother did this.
When I had to clean poop or vomit from floor or crib; my mother did this.
When I anguished over how my inevitable faults and weaknesses would likely hurt my children; my mother did this.
When I cried that I could not spare them the pain of being teased or left out; my mother did this.
When I was exhausted and hassled beyond my limit and felt like my life was a black hole of servitude to children; my mother did this.

And then you realize how little you knew. How much more you have to learn. And you are better, wiser, broader of heart, for this humbling realization.

In gaining this perspective, much like that astronaut looking down on Earth, you come to feel more reverence for your mother. Hopefully you have more patience for yourself too. Hopefully you can see how special you are despite the hard times and despite your faults.

It's hard to see Motherhood as being glorious and beautiful in the day to day grind. But remember that astronaut's perspective. You are a Goddess, and taken as a whole, you are awesome.

To my Mother: You are my beautiful Goddess. My mama Earth. Love you.

"A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts."
- Washington Irving

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Name: Jefferson (362 weeks ago)
Bravo lady!
Name: Jo H (362 weeks ago)
Hillary, this was so beautiful. This is my favorite post of yours so far.
Name: Jessica Hunt Parsons (361 weeks, 6 days ago)
Beautiful, powerful. Those are some hard-earned insights. Thanks, Hillary.
Name: Heather (361 weeks ago) http:gofita.blogspot.com
Beautiful, Hillary. Love it. It's been a hard bit for me and this one just kind of wraps me in a warm blankie. Thanks!
Name: Travis (356 weeks, 2 days ago)
Thanks Hillary.
From a Poem about motherhood by a mother of four, the entirety and author of which I cannot find:

"I have been a universe four times. I have been four universes."
End of comments.

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