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Fire within me

This last weekend some friends and I had a belated Summer Solstice/Midsummer/Litha/Bonfire party. Grab your honey mead, and I'll tell you all about it.

We had a fine spread of cheeses, fruits, crusty breads, and spirits. We sat under a summer sky on patchwork quilts, next to twisty scrub oaks. Florence + the machine on the iPod, naturally.

We made garland crowns out of willow, sage, lavender, and ribbons.
As the sky darkened, we carried our things to be burned to the fire pit.

Our ritual of the bonfire was about releasing things that no longer serve us. We burned things that represented an element of our past that was oppressive, painful, or contradictory to our spirits. Things that held us back from progression.

Into the fire went: 21 pages of judgment, words we wrote as impressionable youth, religious paraphernalia that hurt our feminine spirit, limiting ideals scribbled on paper, and one wedding picture.

We cheered, we cried, we mourned in silence. We might've cackled a little too.

We watched those emblems of the past curl and disintegrate to ash. Things that had at one time held so much power over us. But just as their physical tokens could not withstand the fire, the ideals they represented can not withstand the fire within us.

"Sky above me, earth below me, fire within me."

We are little factories of heat and light. Energy in motion. We exert a force of influence with our very presence that shapes our surroundings, and our world. That's power, my witches. =)

Fire within us. Power within us. We recognize our own inner spark that can consume all that would diminish our light. We have our own inner fire Goddess, if you will. And she cackles, burns and roars. She illuminates the dark and keeps out the cold.

I know, I know, I'm making your eyes roll with the hippy-dippy new age metaphors and what not. I can laugh at it too. I'm not one to take anything too seriously. But...

I'm also kind of a nerd for this stuff, if you can't tell. It resonates with me, and I'm so grateful to have found friends who will weave new, earthy crowns with me; crowns to make us Queens of *this* world, with all its seasons of light and dark, cold and warm. We take it in stride and make a good time of it as best we can. Seeking joy in the here and now, in what's real and tangible. It's as dirty as our feet after walking barefoot, as fragrant as the lavender in our hair, and as delicious (or gross) as blueberry goat cheese. ;)

)O( Blessed Be, Namaste )O(

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Name: Heather (352 weeks, 5 days ago)
Beautiful, Hillary! I loved every second of that bonfire!
Name: Sophia (352 weeks, 4 days ago)
Your last line stays with me. Brilliant writing my love!!! I am so glad I was there.... There truly seems to me magic in numbers.
Name: Brooke (352 weeks, 4 days ago) www.cheekykitchen.com
Could you women be a penny more lovely, inspiring, or brilliantly perfect in every way? Me thinks not.

So much love to each of you for letting that divine, feminine light shine!
Name: Jo H (352 weeks, 2 days ago)
Lovely, as usual. That night was so fun. But just FYI, the blueberry goat cheese was amazing. :)
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