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End of Summer Summary

I have egregiously neglected this blog, and yes, I realize no one likely cares besides me. But here I go to catch you up anyway on my end of summer activities.

I was fortunate enough to see Mumford & Sons in concert at a beautiful little venue called the Saltair, which sits on the edge of Salt Lake. It was easily the most magical concert I've ever been too. The combination of sunset, sail boats on the water in the distance, twinkly lights strung over the crowd, and fantastic music with lovely friends was simply wonderful. Here's some video Greg took of their song "Little Lion Man."

Greg's commuter car died right before school started back up, so I've been towing my two kids to school in a kiddie trailer on my rarely used bicycle. The school is a mile away, and the roads are fairly flat, but when you're pulling those kiddie trailers you keenly feel even the tiniest of inclines. I thought I was going to pass out or just tell my son he couldn't go to school anymore. And then there's the matter of my derrière. After one week, my bottom was so sore that I wanted to cry every time I sat down on that bike. It's also still very hot, so I would be covered in sweat by the time I got home. And since I had to make the trip twice most days, there wasn't much point in showering only to get all sweaty again, so I'd just sit at home all grubby and smelly until it was time to pedal back to the school. That's the smug life of a green hipster: being perpetually sweaty with a sore @ss. Super good exercise, but did it help me lose even a pound? Hahahahahaha............of course not. Let this be a lesson to my children: BY HER VERY SWEAT, BLOOD, AND TEARS DID YOUR MOTHER GET YOU TO SCHOOL.

We did finally get a new car, and it's beautiful. I call it the Romney because it's white and feels rich. I can now join the legion of SUV mommies in the over crowded drop off lane.

I also participated in the Salt Lake City slut walk, ate some amazing thai food with my slutty friends, and was on tv for about three seconds. I'll be writing a separate post for the slut walk so stay tuned for that, you hoochie mama's. ;)

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Name: Steph (344 weeks ago)
I love it! Hillary is back! Great post to break into fall. You were so cute for your three minutes on the news. Yes, your walk made its way all the way to the Midwest. Glad you are back. Write more!
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