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Easter 2012

Birds are chirping outside of my window and I'm eating sweet-tarts in the shape of bunnies. It must be Easter!

Did you know the eggs and chocolate bunnies in your kids Easter basket are symbols for a pagan Goddess of fertility and rebirth named Eostre? Isn't the feminine divine delicious? You know anything involving a lady would probably involve chocolate.

So I will join with all my religious friends today and say, YES. Let's remember the real reasons we celebrate this holiday. And let's not forget to include the feminine aspects of it that Christianity has successfully overshadowed and over taken. And I say that not to condemn, but to add a reality check to the situation. People have their own reasons and interpretations of every holiday, and that's ok. They don't have to celebrate for the exact same reason you do.

The greater point is that we celebrate at all. We gather together. We have a good time. We greet the arrival of warmer weather and things turning green. However we do that, and whatever the details of beliefs in our head, it is a beautiful part of humanity.

Happy Easter, Namaste, xoxoxo

A post I wrote about the Goddess Ostara, in case you're interested.

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Name: Heretic Homemaker (367 weeks ago)
This is a great post. I think ancient people probably felt that if you managed to survive winter it was cause for celebration. Resurrection myths were a recurring theme in many early belief systems. It is sad that modern religions seem to have lost that love of the divine feminine
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