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A friend of mine passed away today. Her children were almost the same age as mine. As I tucked my boys in tonight I was struck by how grateful I was to just simply do that small act. To kiss a boo-boo, sing a song to quiet a crying fit. To make them feel loved and safe and cherished. I thought about how often I am not present enough, either because I'm dealing with my own demons or because I just feel mentally bored with the routine. I take it for granted how wonderful it is to be there for the people I love, just doing the little things. I think of those little children who don't have a mommy tucking them in tonight and my heart breaks.

It's not enough to simply feel that we love people. They have to feel it too. Am I taking it for granted that I will always be there, or that they will? Am I taking it for granted that they know how I feel? Life has lulled me into a false sense of security and I feel the urgent need to LOVE EVERYONE. Everything getting in the way of that seems so much less important.

We were fellow travelers on a journey of personal growth, and I am so grateful to have shared some of the pains and joys of that adventure with this woman. I will never forget. I won't forget how she encouraged me to write, to throw pagan parties, the great music she introduced me to, the feminist solidarity we shared, and all the loud laughter. I won't forget. It's marked me forever. Where ever you are Sarah....cheers. Blessed be.

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Name: Clarice (312 weeks, 4 days ago) islandgirlinutah.blogspot.com
I find myself treasuring each moment and sad that Sarah doesn't get to do the same anymore. I meant to make Snickerdoodles with my son today and I didn't. I was too busy doing homework. ARGH. It WILL happen this weekend.
Name: Heather (312 weeks, 3 days ago)
Love this, Hillary.
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