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2012 wrap up

Between parties, Christmas shopping, and getting strep again, I'm exhausted. The shooting in Connecticut knocked me sideways emotionally for several days. There were a few nights I had trouble sleeping, and watching Jack walk into his school under a flag at half mast brought me to tears. I have to try harder to stay in the present with my kids, to appreciate my time with them as best I can. It's not easy. They're not always adorable and easy to deal with. But we just don't know how long any of us will be here, you know? We can't protect our kids from everything. All we can do is love, love, love while we can. I'm trying.

Gratitude is peace; so says Anne Lamott. And I feel that way in the midst of the pain, anxiety, and grief I see around me, and within me. When I think of all that is good in my life, in this moment, I feel more at peace, more hopeful. I worry less about what will be and what is out of my control. I guess I'm looking for more balance to go with my peace.

And speaking of balance, or lack thereof, I got a second piercing for my birthday! Pretty exciting stuff, but not really.

Love and peace to you in the New Year!

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Name: Heather (329 weeks, 2 days ago)
Beautiful, Hillary! Peace to you and yours this coming year! Love you :)
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